Welcome on the webpage of Ruud de Jong Interim.

I’m a highly motivated and driven professional with a broad experience in several positions, in (mostly international) organisations.

Through this broad experience, I can be quickly up and running for a new assignment in a different organisation with new people and new processes.

Most assignments I’ve done are positioned between IT and Supply Chain Management. Mostly to “build a bridge” between business and IT, to help define the requirements and turn this into the right IT solution. Please see some examples below:

– Supply chain analyst / Business consultant / Business Process Expert; analysing, defining, improving supply chain processes.
– Interim department manager
– Project manager

Through the years, I’ve specialised in the Software Supply Chain and their specific problems like monetisation of the Software it-selves, new business models associated with this (like subscription, pay per use etc.).

Also quickly and temporarily filling in of an (operational) vacancy to solve a specific capacity issue can be an option.

You can always contact me for more information or to make an appointment.